Lynn Is based in the UK and is a gifted intuitive/psychic, with strong clairaudient & clairsentient abilities.
A much sort after Angel Soul Reader. A Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Healer. And an Internationally selling, divinely inspired artist of channelled abstract Angelic Art.
Her passion in life is coaching people and helping them to re-establish and strengthen their own connection to the angelic realm. She enjoys gently guiding others to self-love, getting them to once again recognise and fall in love with their own angelic, divine self.

Over the years she has worked with a truly diverse clientele ……… from CEO’s of major International companies, entrepreneurs, to fellow psychics and healers, children and animals.

By combing her intuitive gifts, positive, down to earth, compassionate and non-judgemental personality with the unconditional loving grace of the Angels she can delivers incredibly accurate, positive guidance, aimed at helping people live their happiest, best life possible.


swordLynn~Avis grew up in a non-religious but open minded spiritually aware family. The youngest of 3 children she was blessed with a naturally positive, happy, lovingly demonstrative personality. Her mother love to joke that she was born laughing! That happy fun loving nature has continued through her life and she still someone who loves to laugh and smile, definitely a glass half full kind of girl.

From a very young age she felt she was not alone and would happily play for hours in her own company, but feeling she had unseen friends with her. She had a creative and very vivid imagination and loved anything other worldly. A naturally curious child she also always believed there was more to life than what we could see, hear and feel.

So she set about finding the answers to the many questions she had about life.

In the early 1990’s Lynn~Avis joined a spiritual development group and started to develop her psychic skills. She was unsure how she would go on to use skills but just felt this was something she needed to do. However over time she felt there was something missing.

Years later in 2005 the missing piece was revealed to her, at a time when her own life was going through major change and transformation.

A series of amazing synchronistic events lead her to study for an Angel Therapy Diploma with The British Academy of Crystal Healing, under the expert tuition of Jacqueline Winters founder of the academy and author of Messages from Mother Earth oracle cards.

Angel PrayerShe finds working with the energy of the Angelic realm is the most loving, positive and pure spirit energy available to her … Seeing the angels as our gift from God & knowing through their beautiful, loving energy, wisdom and healing they are here helping human kind to free themselves from their fears, worries and uncertainty.

Around the same time Lynn~Avis was also guided to study Reiki healing and became a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The most recent of her gifts to develop is channeled Angel Art.

By energetically connecting to someone through their birth name or photo Lynn~Avis is able to channel their angelic guide and create a beautiful one of a kind piece of artwork. Alternatively she can interpret a personal choice of colours into a stunning angel painting also!

These beautiful hand painted pieces are more than just a pretty picture …….As a Reiki Master Healer she infuses each painting with sacred Reiki symbols and healing, scared chants & incense, bringing to each painting divine healing energy and unconditional love from the angelic realm. When the canvas is completed she then conducts a final Angelic blessing ceremony before sending the angel on to their new home. These incredible works of art really do make their loving presence felt in a home or work space. They are a great focus tool for meditation and are also a perfect addition to any treatment or healing room. She feels incredibly grateful for the feedback that she constantly receives about the paintings and is truly humbled to have been given this wonderful gift from God and the angels.

Lynn~Avis feels her missing pieces have all now come together.

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