Abstract Angel Artist

A very unique service I now offer is the chance to commission your very own abstract channelled angel painting.

By energetically connecting to you or to your loved one through your birth name and date of birth I am able to channel your angelic guide and create a beautiful one of a kind piece of artwork. Alternatively I can interpret your own choice of colours into a stunning angel painting!

swordThese beautiful hand painted pieces are more than just a pretty picture …….As a Reiki Master Healer I infuse each painting with sacred Reiki symbols and healing, scared chants & incense, bringing to each painting divine healing energy and unconditional love from the angelic realm. When your canvas is completed I then conduct a final Angelic blessing ceremony before sending the angel on home to you. These incredible works of art really do make their loving presence felt in your home or work space. They are a great focus tool for meditation and are also a perfect addition to any treatment or healing room you may have.

To commission a painting please click HERE

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