Master Your Emotions ~ Live With Soul

Lynn Avis

Guiding people to emotional mastery and reconnection to soul wisdom.

Allowing them to reclaim their divinity and truth of who they are.

Welcome Beautiful Soul

I am so happy your spirit brought you here!

Please stay a little while and take a look around!

I am here ready to guide you back to LOVE and your ultimate spiritual DESTINY, of FREEDOM and JOY.

To help you move back into your HEART, to release judgement of self & others, to restore self love.

To inspire you to TRUST God, your angels, intuition and inner guidance and find the COURAGE to take INSPIRED action in the direction of your DREAMS.

Are you ready to create YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH?

about lynn

As a healer, teacher, mentor, retreat host and energy artist, I find immense joy in empowering others

My healer’s journey spanning nearly 3 decades, started in my country of origin the UK, but has now taken me around the globe. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with incredibly gifted mentors, intuitive healers and shamans in some of the world’s most beautiful countries, such as Peru, Bali, Nepal and the incredibly beautiful Greek island Kefalonia. 

It is on this stunning and Greek island that I run my annual Divine Connection Upgrade Retreat. 

I held the dream of living on the mediteranean, with a view of the sea for many years. This paradise island is now my home, I get to wake up every morning to the most beautiful view of the sea and mountains. 

Dreams really do come true, when you wake up to the truth that you are the co creator of your reality.

A Unique Gift

On my spiritual journey I have trained as a Usui Reiki Master, become a highly intuitive Card Reader, worked on Sky TV as a live studio psychic, and rediscovered unique healing gifts and a powerful connection to The Angelic Realm. 

I love teaching and guiding others to connect with their angels, spirit guides, beloved ancestors and soul wisdom.

When you are connected to this amazing inner wisdom, you gain a deeper understanding of emotional or mental blocks from your early years or from past lives, that may be creating resistance to finding inner peace, joy and abundance in your life. Plus you will gain a clearer understanding of your true life purpose. 

Create Your Own Success 

Armed with the right tools you can create your own success, prosperity and joy, easily, effortlessly and beyond your wildest imaginings!

When you learn to truly start loving and trusting yourself, you release the most powerful, healing energy there is ……. Pure Love!

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