Inner Child/Reparenting Healing



3x One Hour Sessions £300 ( regular price £360)

Single Healing Session

(1hour £120)

Inner Child/Reparenting Healing

Thich Nhat Nanh says

“The cry we hear from deep in our hearts comes from the wounded child within.”

Healing this inner child’s pain transforms negative emotions, releases limiting beliefs and stops self-sabotaging behaviours.

The wounding that occurs by people stamping out a child’s exuberance can have far-reaching effects in an adult’s life. The younger you that is suffering wants to protect you from future suffering, its why human beings try to forget pain.

Research has shown that the body holds onto emotional and physical pain, which can then emerge at the most unlikely times in adulthood.

By connecting to the little girl or boy within, you can reconnect with the reasons for any adult fears, phobias and life patterns. Engaging in this powerful inner work brings healing, magic and transformation into your life.

Acknowledging and re-parenting your inner child means treating him or her with love and respect. This is crucial for transformation to occur.

Only by loving and healing our inner child can we begin to really love ourselves and others.