Heaven and Earth Alignment Master Class


Are you struggling with this new energetic Planetary Alignment? Have you been feeling confused, angry, depressed, frustrated or a sense of feeling lost? 

Angelic Channel Lynn Avis joins Crystal Shaman Jackie Winters to offer help, advice and support during these intense times.


Heaven and Earth Alignment Master Class

Date: 10-01-2021

Time 11 am to 1pm GMT 

Where: Online (Link will be sent when booked) 

Cost £33

This 2-hour Masterclass will include:

A grounded Earth Activation with the Mineral Kingdom and the Quartz Matrix within Mother Earth, led by Jackie.

This activation will align your awareness into the present moment and truly connect you to our Mother the Earth. Through meditation and conscious, the awareness we will connect to the crystals within the matrix of the Earth and listen to what the Crystal Kingdom has to say.

Often called STONE NATION by the Shamans, the spirit of the crystal kingdom will communicate to you via the soles of your feet. You will integrate the frequency held within and feel the unconditional love that Earth holds in her matrix for all lifeforms thereby aiding you to relax and trust that she really has “got your back”.

It is the fear of the mind that imprisons us not the reality of being fully present.

Illusions of the mind fluctuate emotion.

This activation will: release physical tension: embrace loving empowerment and initiate the frequency of love into the nervous system in your body; feeding joy and happiness into your own Divine Matrix.

Learn how to streamline your focus onto joy and do not settle for anything less. Mother Earth wants you to fulfil every desire your heart emits, to live a life fully and in harmony with the real, Divine you.

Activation and Alignment of your Halo Beams and the 5th Dimensional Stellar Gateway guided by Lynn Avis.

Located around your head are 3 energetic transmitter and receiver columns or “beams” which form your own Divine “Halo” The activation of your Halo Beams allows you to align with the higher frequency light codes, accessible to humanity since the Cosmic Moment in 2012 from the Great Central Sun. The 9th Dimensional Light is first fed through our own physical sun which physically steps it down to a level we can cope with on Earth. Which we then integrate into our fifth-dimensional chakra column. Our soul continuously sends out requests for light and cosmic information to assist its growth. It draws on sources of light through the dimensions of time and space, the quantum field and higher levels of consciousness. Consciously activating and aligning your Halo Beams along with the 5th Dimensional Stellar Gateway, ensures the highest level of support is provided to you on your ascension journey while here on Earth.

During deep meditation, you will be able to consult clearly with your Angelic and Cosmic Guides, gaining new insights into your soul’s mission and receive guidance on moving through the months ahead with ease and grace.

I have found anchoring these higher codes and light frequencies into your energy bodies brings a deep sense of peace, increased vitality, a greater capacity to stay heart centred, even in challenging situations. And manifesting experiences to grow through joy and happiness becomes your predominant sense of being.