Agape~Angelic Healing



3x One Hour Sessions £300 ( regular price £360)

Single Healing Session

(1hour £120)

The benefit of this healing is multi-dimensional.

First, we will engage in an open-hearted discussion where you will share the relationship, health, career/employment or financial problem you’re experiencing. Once we’ve established the core wounded feeling emotion, I will act as a conduit and channel for pure healing energy to be placed into your energy body.

Agape~Angelic Healing is divine light. As I channel this powerful healing energy into your auric field, it naturally flows through your chakra system. This will clear and rebalance your own energy flow.

When your four-body energy system, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual is purified and balanced, you will feel calmer and lighter but more energised.

Mental focus improves and creativity is heightened. Limiting beliefs, doubts and frustrations dissolve. Some people feel emotional with tears of joy or feel very sleepy. This is all part of the natural healing process.

After the heavy dense energy is released it will leave you feeling empowered. Allowing you to move forward in life with more purpose and clarity and feeling joy, inner peace and love on a deeper level.