” I give a thousand million thanks to you, Lynn! You are a beautiful, intuitive and aligned woman, courageous enough to totally swim against the steam of convention. I salute and congratulate you for that!”
Naraya Urban-Winfeld. Kenya.
Naraya Urban-Winfeld. Kenya.

“ All of the readings I have had with Lynn have been nothing short of uplifting, they have enabled me to find focus and above all were totally accurate. From the second you meet her you love her!
I would urge everyone to open their hearts to this wonderful experience”.
Nikki Tyler. UK.

I have had several readings from Lynn and have always found the experience to be very rewarding.
She has a real gift and her readings are delivered with empathy, compassion and honesty. I can highly recommend her.
Sue Bousfield. UK.

Lynn Avis is a joyous angelic healer. She works at a high level of spiritual awareness.Participating in Lynn’s meditations helps to raise your own awareness of angels in your life.

Through Love and light Lynn shares her gifts and brings connections between like minded people, helping enlarge the community who live a more fulfilled and happier life through connecting with the Angels. Xx

Myra Boyle UK

Lynn has helped me make important life decisions and guiding me in many ways. She even pushed me to face my fears through Angel meditations, reiki, friendship, and even a beautiful angel painting!! She’s a shining star of positivity and love! Xxx
Kerry Booth UK

“I have attended several of Lynn’s Angel meditation groups on an ongoing basis and found them very powerful.
I have a chaotic life and find it difficult to remain centred but when I was attending Lynn’s class on a weekly basis, not only was the calming effect on my daily life noticeable to myself and those around me but I also found each meditation to be very educational and, on occasion, extremely joyful and funny. Thoroughly recommend.” Xx

Kim Leverns

Lynn Avis I could not sleep last night ….you know why and I did the cord cutting Mp3 first, afterwards I realised the churning in my tummy had gone completely, I’m going to loop it tonight as I pick up on peoples energy, so big thumbs up and I’m going to get Lewis to use it too.
Well done you they are so relaxing.

Trisha UK

Listened to Love, Archangel Chamuel. Wow!! I felt drained this morning.. Out of balance, and now after listening to the mediation I’m floating again.

Thank you Kerry UK

Fell asleep listening to your beautiful voice. This little jewel could not have arrived at a better time when I’m reenergising my goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Thank you Bally UK

I ordered my guided meditation narrated by the beautiful Lynn Avis. I was eager to have a listen and I am so pleased how the mesmerising background music and Lynn’s soothing voice transported me to the core of the earth and into the centre of my soul. Lynn journeyed me into a state of calm both in mind and body yet feeling supported by the Angels and fully connected to my divine self.
I can’t wait to do the abundance meditation tonight.
I highly recommended 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Anusha UK

I’m only at the start but loving the lessons and how quickly I’m connecting more. Thank you from my heart for getting me started on this path. TRUST TRUST AND MORE TRUST!!

Katie UK